Tuesday, September 9, 2014

3 days in Japan

Just got back from a quick skate trip to Tokyo. I figured I would see a few Harleys riding around. Boy is that an understatement. I had no idea it was this chopper crazy over there. Every day I saw dudes on legit choppers blazing down the busy streets. The first time I freaked out, stopped the guy in traffic, and examined his swing-arm shovel chop. Another day I was lost and found a fuckin' moto-shop with 3 panheads, 3 knuckleheads, 2 flatheads, and even a K-model. I started talking to the guy working there. He told me the light-blue panhead was his. It cost him $64,000 American dollars. Besides the old Harleys, there were XS and Triumphs all over the place. Those dudes are no joke over there. 


  1. Shit that's crazy. We all got them now. Just come home and we'll let you look at em too.