Tuesday, September 9, 2014

3 days in Japan

Just got back from a quick skate trip to Tokyo. I figured I would see a few Harleys riding around. Boy is that an understatement. I had no idea it was this chopper crazy over there. Every day I saw dudes on legit choppers blazing down the busy streets. The first time I freaked out, stopped the guy in traffic, and examined his swing-arm shovel chop. Another day I was lost and found a fuckin' moto-shop with 3 panheads, 3 knuckleheads, 2 flatheads, and even a K-model. I started talking to the guy working there. He told me the light-blue panhead was his. It cost him $64,000 American dollars. Besides the old Harleys, there were XS and Triumphs all over the place. Those dudes are no joke over there.