Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Holy Shit

I'm half drunk, blazing down the highway as usual after a shift at the bar.
I come off woodhaven and onto the BLVD, steady killing it.
Hit two green lights, I punch it.
Soon enough after the second light, I see the god ole flashing REDWHITEBLUE of the cops.
Oh shit.
Me- Uhh...I didn't blow any lights did I?
Cop- No, but you've been steady 75mph or higher for miles now.
Me-Uhh.. are you sure?
Cop- Yeah, you were flying, I've been following you for miles.
Me-Uhh...I just got out of work.
Cop-  Let me see your license.
Me- Here ya go.
Cop- Yeah, I had a sportster.
Me- Oh yeah, what do you think of my work?
Cop- Pretty cool.
Me- So i'm pretty sure I wasn't.....
Cop- Brian, You were flying, take it easy, I'm not writing you a ticket, just slow the hell down.
Me- Alright, what do you think of these pipes.
Cop-Wow, did you make those?
Me- My buddy did.
Cop- Alright Brian, take it easy.

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